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Immuno supports community activities like the Ocean Series and the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Over the past 31 years Immuno has built a strong reputation based on an international network of suppliers providing advanced Pathology equipment, reagents and software for our customers.


You have no doubt seen the name Immuno on the Oceanseries website and emails, on your race vests and Oceanseries craft stickers, and at each event as we are a major sponsor of Oceanseries.  So, who are we?


Immuno is a Sydney based medical diagnostic company who market a range of advanced pathology equipment, reagents and software to the medical industry including major hospitals, Government and private pathology labs, medical research centres and larger medical practises.


Whilst you may not have heard of Immuno before, chances are your GP or Specialist has referred you to a pathologist for tests which have been done using our advanced technology.  If you are a diabetic, you may have experienced the advantages of Immuno’s blood testing equipment which conducts multiple tests of your blood in one process providing quicker and more reliable results than has been possible in the past.


Immuno also lead the market with our diagnostic equipment, especially for Infectious diseases - one of the major causes of death in the world. The growth of infection diseases worldwide has led to increased demands for advanced diagnostic tests to new agents and improvement of performance of the ones already on the market. In addition, the increased number of diagnostic tests to be performed every day in a routine lab has elicited the demand of tests to be easy to perform and quick in providing results for faster diagnosis and therapy.


In addition, Immuno markets a range of pathology equipment for genetic tests to monitor various cancers and the drug treatments used to fight the cancers.


So whilst you may not know the name Immuno, you can rest assured that we are working hard in the background to provide products that will help improve the lives of all Australians - improving life through science.


Immuno - improving life through science

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