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Blood Banking Products

The E.M.® Technology is an innovation in nano-technology - The new in QWALYS® 3 is a fully-automated system for blood banks. FREELYS® Nano, and FREELYS® Reader is a global solution in your routine blood typing with ready-to-use reagents on QWALYS® 3 and FREELYS® Nano.

Manual techniques - ABO-D typing, Anti-D, Rh-Kell Phenotyping, Rare sera, Enzyme - Buffer - Antiglobulins

Safety Card

Automated techniques - Olymp range: ready-to-use reagents for OLYMPUS machines , Phenolic / Microscreen range: ready-to-use reagents for microplates , Micro range: ready-to-use microplates.


Blood Banking Partners

Receiving blood is receiving life. DIAGAST aims at helping health professionals to transmit life with the help of the best blood grouping determination technologies. If risks are not always vital, transfusion errors are not acceptable.

In 30 years, DIAGAST has developed an unparalleled expertise and unique know-how in the transfusion domain. DIAGAST develops, manufactures and markets reagents (for blood grouping determination), miniaturized laboratories for manual analysis and automated systems.

DIAGAST also ensures the research, the manufacturing and the marketing of all its products. Moreover DIAGAST offers a wide range of associated services, such as a training centre for the automated systems, a hotline, and a follow-up of the automatons gauging on site and we even make available a control and measure tools via Internet.

DIAGAST is now the worldwide leader in the marketing and development of reagents and instrumentation systems that aims at ensuring the compatibility between donor and patient in blood transfusions.

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